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  • 28.03.2023 о 19:08 #5963

    Many people spread information that people stop throwing garbage so as not to pollute the planet and the ocean, I also started sorting garbage. Many volunteers save animals and try to make the climate colder

    28.03.2023 о 18:55 #5959

    I want polar bears not to die and ice driers do not melt, in order to save them, you need to change climate change, increase their width

    28.02.2023 о 18:53 #5796

    best of all, my friend helps me to understand my problems, and in more global problems, for example, if something doesn’t work out for me in the lessons, my mother helps me

    16.02.2023 о 18:47 #5563

    When I grow up I want to be a doctor. I like to help people, and this is my childhood dream. to become a doctor you need to know algebra, geometry, chemistry, biology, anatomy.

    31.01.2023 о 19:12 #5191

    I don’t really like some of our teachers. it would be cool if the breaks were 30 minutes each, so that the children would have time to eat, rest and continue studying. I also really want to have a locker room in my school.

    12.01.2023 о 19:07 #4490

    at school I see my friends, go to the canteen during breaks, get new emotions and memories. one of the downsides at school is getting up early.