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  • 31.01.2023 о 19:14 #5194

    I like the changes you are talking about 🙂

    31.01.2023 о 19:00 #5183

    What’s your school like? Can you describe it?

    31.01.2023 о 18:58 #5180

    Do you mean you would like to have lessons outside, not in a classroom if the weather is fine?

    19.01.2023 о 22:51 #4809

    I agree that school is a very good place to study. It all depends on the interests. But it’s true that some lessons are not popular and students are bored during them.

    17.01.2023 о 14:22 #4761

    I agree that meeting friends is nice.

    12.01.2023 о 22:14 #4497

    That’s a good point. Memories about school years are usually very vivid.

    12.01.2023 о 21:59 #4495

    I definetely think that meeting friends at school is the best thing about going to school. I agree that studying History can be boring sometimes.

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